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Meta aims to use your public posts to train its AI

Key Takeaways
  • Meta plans on using your public Facebook and Instagram posts as well as your chats with the Facebook AI chatbot to train its AI.
  • UK or EU citizens have the option to opt-out from Meta using your personal data
  • Other countries can submit a request to delete personal information used for building AI providing that you have proof that your information appeared in a response from an AI model at Meta


On the 22nd May, 2024, Meta announced that they would use public information posted on their products and services, namely Facebook and Instagram, to help develop and improve their AI models in development at Meta. This becomes effective on June 26th, 2024.

Once the policy takes effect, Meta will use your public Facebook posts, Instagram photos and captions, and your chats with the Facebook AI chatbot to train its large language models (LLMs). They won’t use your private messages or anything you’ve posted privately.

AI models are only as good as the data it has for training. It is therefore no surprise that Meta would look to use data from its own platforms to train its AI models.

Once this was announced however, users began to complain, as no one wants any organization to use their information without their consent. What should be noted however is that if you do have any publicly accessible information on any online platform, there is a high chance that it can or has already been scraped by generative AI tools.

EU and UK users

EU and UK users benefit from strong data privacy and protection laws in that of GDPR. With this in place, Meta has been forced to provide an option for EU and UK users to object to their data being used in this manner. This is not an outright opt-out solution, as it still allows room for Meta to reject their request. If you live in these areas and you visit the respective help pages of either platform, you will see this form to complete:

It should be noted that even if you opt out of this program, there’s a slight chance Meta might still access posts related to you. For example, if your family or friends haven’t opted out and have shared a post that mentions you, then Meta can use that information. To eliminate this possibility, you would need to ask your relatives who have shared posts containing your information to also opt out of this program.

Other Nationals

Given that there is no equivalent privacy laws in the US or other regions similar to GDPR which forces Meta to offer an opt-out option for actions like this, users can follow these steps to make a request on their own.

You can begin by visiting this Facebook page which explains how Meta uses information for generative AI models and features. Scroll to the area under “Privacy and Generative AI,” click “Learn more and submit requests here.”

On that page, you can complete the following form BUT you must first have proof that your personal data has appeared in a response from an AI model at Meta.

Unfortunately, that is the best thing you can do on your end to prevent Meta from using your personal information to train its AI models.

What is more concerning is that more and more AI companies are popping up every day. Users need to be a bit more diligent when signing up for online services. You might be agreeing to sell your data to larger companies to train their AI models without your knowledge. Ultimately, you are the master of your digital footprint and what you post for the world to view and use.


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