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Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Instagram TV


Instagram announced today the launch of a new service called Instagram TV. This comes on the heels of another big announcement that they reached 1 Billion users! At the time of writing this, Instagram is said to be the most popularly used social media app in Trinidad and Tobago. With the intriduction of IGTV one can only think that Instagram will increase their stronghold as the social media platform to contend with both locally and globally.

IGTV will give YouTube a run for it’s money as the app will allow 

  • Long-Form video uploads (up to 1hr)
  • Vertical Videos 
  • Follow, For You, Popular and other custome filters

Both of these can make the appeal greater than posting a video on YouTube altough only time can really tell. IGTV also boasts of their channels concept where you the creator will have your own IGTV Channel.

 You can read more about IGTV from their press release site here. IGTV will become available on iOS and Android app stores in the upcoming weeks. 

CyberSafeTT would be interested in finding out about content filtering and seeing what IGTV has to offer with providing age appropriate content and being able to report inappropriate content.  Look out for a review once the app becomes available for download. 


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