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Facebook Phishing attacks on the rise


You may have received a message from a Facebook Friend in Messenger that prompted you to open up a link. Upon doing so, you were asked to ‘login to verify’ and if you happened to enter your username and password at that point, you would have just become the latest Phishing victim and your account information is no longer secure. (Pause at this point to go and change your password on Facebook and return to complete the article).

The Facebook Phishing messages are similar to these below
and clicking on the links would lead you to a page that looks like a Facebook login page
These Phishing pages trick the user into entering their Facebook login information resulting in their accounts becoming compromised. You can tell that they are a Phishing page in a few ways but most notably, check the website address (or URL). In both these cases they do not have in the website address.

What should I do if I submitted my Facebook username and password?

  1. Facebook has provided a series of steps to help you secure your account which also includes resetting your password. Visit and follow the steps.
  2. We strongly recommend that you set up Two-Factor Authentication for Facebook and all your other Social Media accounts.
  3. If you cannot get into your account and your username or password don’t work, follow these steps to recover your account.
  4. If you want to review the activity that has been happening to your account i.e. if anyone else logged in from another location or device, then you can review recent activity and check recent emails sent by Facebook.
  5. Lastly, you can also report strange emails to

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