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Minimum Age Requirements for Social Media Apps


Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and pretty much all the other social media apps have a minimum age requirement for all users. 13 seems to be the luck number for most of these social apps although there are some variations.

These age requirements are generally found in their Terms of Service. Click on the app names below for details on the age resitrictions. 

There restrictions are more of a disclaimer type than a requirement as all of the apps don’t do any real checking to verify the users age. Nor do they stop anyone from entereing a false age just to sign up. 

It is however, up to the parents to ensure that their kids are of the right age before signing up for these apps and that they understand the responsibilty they have when using them. 

Here is a quick reference sorted out by age for some of the more popular apps out there


AGE 13 14 16 17 18
  FaceBook LinkedIn (US, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia, South Korea) LinkedIn (Netherlands) Vine2 LinkedIn (China)
  Flickr1 YouTube (Spain / South Korea) Whatsapp NetflixNC-17 NetflixTV-MA
  FourSquare NetflixTV-14 YouTube (Netherlands)    
  Google +        


1 – Flickr suggests that if your are over 13 and under 18 that a parent should go over the terms of service with you before signing up
2 – Vine Kids is available from the App Store and is intended for use by kids under the age of 17.
3 – Netflix has a very detailed listing per country on their terms of use by age. Visit the site for complete details. There is also a kid friendly option.
4 – YouTube prompts and restricts users who are under 18 years on videos flagged for users 18 and over

This list was updated as of April 2016.


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