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Updating Software


CyberSecurity Awareness Month – Updating Software

We see movies being rebooted constantly on the silver screen to stay relevant. Just like our favorite reboots, our software and apps want the latest and greatest updates to stay secure. These updates fix general software problems and provide new patches to security flaws where criminals might have used to get in.

Please Note: When downloading a software update:

  • Only get it from the company that created it. Hacked, pirated, or unlicensed software versions often contain malware and cause more problems than they solve.
  • For businesses,  ensure the software or application you’re updating is approved by your organization. If you are unsure please contact our team for more information.

It is advised to turn on automatic updates. When an update is available, it will give you a reminder so you can easily start the process.

Delaying software updates because it temporarily disrupts your daily schedule, can cause your computer to become compromised resulting in you not being able to do any work, or worse yet, lose all the work you have saved on the computer.

Updating is also very critical to your antivirus software. If not already, turn on automatic virus definition updates on your antivirus software. This way you will always be protected from new threats.


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