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Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

My Twitter account was Hacked! (or was it)


In the news recently an incident was reported by the Miss Trinidad and Tobago World Franchise, where one of their participants claimed to have had their Twitter Account hacked. This was quickly handled by the Franchise indicating that the contestant posted no such content.

The above video shows you how easy it is to spoof someone’s Twitter account on the fly and take a screenshot or even a video recording and state that they tweeted it. This isn’t exactly a hacking attack but you can probably say it’s a spoof, however, the information is good to know as you may see other circumstances where a Twitter account was ‘hacked’ or reported to say something inappropriate.

I got the permission of Guardian Media Ltd. Senior Multimedia Journalist, Otto Carrington to spoof his Twitter profile to demonstrate how easy it can be done.


NOTE: This video is for informational and awareness purposes and it is not intended to be used against any Twitter user or in any Cyber Bullying activity.


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