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Parenting Tip #1


The first step in creating a safe online world for children is simply having a conversation.

Most parents do a good job talking to their children about “saying no” to smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs, but starting a conversation about cyber safety can be harder or in some cases not even think it’s needed. However, we’re seeing kids today get into trouble by improper use of social media and therefore these conversations are needed.

As a parent you do not need to know much or more about technology than your kids to talk about their concerns. As with any other parent to kid discussion, be open, caring yet direct about your online safety concerns. Let them know of the dangers of posting improper images, uploading suggestive videos or the use of rude or abusive language.

This is an on-going conversation that requires parents to engage with their children.  Not all kids may speak to their parents about cyber bullying so the more you talk to your kids about what they do and experience on the internet the easier it may be for them to open up to you about something that made them feel uncomfortable. 

This on-going conversation is an invitation for the child to confide in their parent, and to ask for help and support if they are exposed to threats or inappropriate content online.


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