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NETFLIX Phishing


  Since NETFLIX has become one of the mainstream services for online shows there have been many phishing and scam attempts on the NETFLIX customer base. Most of these attempts are trying to get you to either enter your login information or update your payment details. 

The latest of these attacks have gotten rather sophisticated and the phishing email looks very legitimate. Some users have claimed that the last four digits in their credit card also seems accurate in the email along with the expiration date. This claim has not yet been addressed by NETFLIX however, it does seem to indicate a breach of customer information. Here is what one such email look like below:


This image was circulated late 2015 though some users have indicated a similar scam happening as early at February 2016.

NETFLIX does have a policy of not asking for personal or payment information via email so any such emails from NETFLIX should be ignored. Do not click on any of the buttons or links on such emails.

There are some older phishing emails which as you can tell are easier to spot. Have a look at the website address of the page below. You can easily see that it does not come from 

This image was sourced from a Huffington Post article on the same.

Most online services will never ask you to change your password, enter or verify payment information directly via email. Be very cautious of these types of emails. If one does look legitimate, don’t hesitate to visit the website or login to your account to see if a similar message is shown there. If not, contact the support department for the particular service. 

The bottom line, if it seems fishy, it probably is.