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Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Jump / Trip / Skullbreaker Challenge


We all know that the internet can be used for both good and bad. This time around, we’re here to speak about the bad, the very bad actually, as a new internet challenge has gone viral and has already reached the screens of Trinidad and Tobago resulting in at least one child becoming seriously injured. This is none other than the infamous Jump / Trip or Skullbreaker Challenge, which as the latter name suggest, the outcome can be very harmful.

The challenge appears to have originated in South America, and has become viral through TikTok. It is simple in concept, but takes two to be in on the prank and one innocent victim to take the fall. It includes the following steps:

    1. Trick the victim into thinking that the two of you want to record a slow-motion video of all three jumping.
    2. Set up a camera to record the action, or have someone record it for you.
    3. As the victim jumps, you both kick his / her legs, causing the victim to fall.


There are numerous videos circulating on YouTube where you can get a first hand view of how dangerous this prank really is, however, here is a News Report of parents of a student in the US who was badly hurt as a result of the challenge.


The Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Education issued a statement of the dangers of the challenge and indicated that a local student broke her arm as a result of the prank.

CyberSafeTT urges everyone to stop sharing and making videos of this challenge. Things can go severely wrong with this prank with an outcome no one parent, classmate or teacher should have to face.

Let’s make positive use of our time online, and we can still have fun and be safe on the internet.