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Have you Googled Yourself Recently

Since June 2006, Google has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb. And let’s face it, since 2006, we’ve all been ‘Googling’. How many of us though, have ever Googled ourselves or even more important, Googled the ones we have under our care. 

If you haven’t Googled yourself recently, visit and do so now. The results that you are seeing is what your online digital footprint looks like. It’s your mark on the internet and it’s what anyone would see if they Google your name. 

As we are parents or guardians in the real world, so to must we be parents or guardians in the virtual / online world. While this can be a tumultous task to deal with, one of the tools that we can recommend is Google Alerts. This free service provided by Google will send you an email whenever Google finds any new content on the internet that may relate to a word or phrase that you may be interested in. You can set up a Google Alert for your kids name, or for any topic that you may be interested in, and Google will email you whenever it finds any article or topic on the internet that relates to that word or phrase.

The online world can be an intimidating place to act as a parent or guardian but Google has many tools to assist with this task, Google Alerts being one of them.


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