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Email Etiquette

If not already, sending and receiving emails have become part of your daily routine as a student. While sending an email is a simple task, there are some guidelines that you should follow when sending those emails to ensure that it is well received and that the correct message is conveyed.

Creating Your Email Address

There are many websites that offer free emails. The more popular ones are

When signing up for your email account please ensure that you use an email that represents you and one that the recipient can easily identify you from. Have a look at the video to the left for more tips on creating your first email account.

Formatting Your Email Message


The email subject is intended to notify the recipient of the email what the message is about. The subject should be precise and encourages the recipient to want to open the email.


The email body is the main part of your message. You should be as precise with your message and always include as much information. Even if you’re only being asked to submit an assignment, your email body should greet the recipient, outline what is being attached and for what purpose. You should always use proper grammar in your email body and stay away from abbreviations.


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