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Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

CSAFE – Security Awareness App – Review

On December 2016, the local organization, Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago (PLOTT), in collaboration with Community Defence Services Limited and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), launched a mobile app to help combat crime in Trinidad and Tobago. Named CSAFE, an acronym for Community Security Awareness For Everyone, it is a digital version of a neighborhood watch, however at a national level.

CSAFE has a list of features including but not limited to 

• Receive Current Notifications

• One-Touch-Call to Emergency Numbers

• Submit Criminal Activity with Photos

• Share on Social Media

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The following is an independent review by CyberSafeTT of the CSAFE app.



CyberSafeTT downloaded the iPhone version of the app and did some testing (Android Version). Overall we were impressed with the ease of use, the varied options as well as the level of user customizability. Listed below are some of the screens you’ll see when using the app:




The app seems to have a refresh / loading feature which momentarily renders the app locked. We’ve noticed the ‘loading’ screen on a few occasions while using the app and believe this could be a hinderance if in the middle of submitting a report. It would be good if this feature could happen in the background and not limit the functionality (albeit for a matter of seconds).



Overall, this app is a must have for any smart phone owner in Trinidad and Tobago as the potential for the application is great and with proper use and support from the relevant authorities, it can possibly put a dent in crime.