• If ever you wanted confirmation that Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications were the cause of productivity loss then the recent ban of footballers from various countries from such social media applications is your proof. If you were hoping to get the inside scoop of your favorite players from base camp then your luck may have run out as many of those players won’t be tweeting about the latest team line up or any other secrets that may lend a help also to the competing team.

    Players from countries such as Argentina, Brasil, England, Germany and Mexico have all been banned from using sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Some of these players have quite a following on their social media feeds for example Wayne Rooney with 8.81 Million Twitter followers and 20.8 Million Facebook likes; Neymar Júnior  with an impressive 10.8 million Twitter followers and 23.4 million Facebook likes and we also have Mesut Özilwith 5.84 million Twitter followers and 19.8 million likes on Facebook. On the other side of the coin however, players from countries who are relatively new to the social media landscape are actually joining Twitter for the first time in an effort to gain support from their fans as they make their journey on one of the worlds greatest stages. Hossein Mahini from Iran recently had his Twitter account verified and ready for the World Cup. With this final inclusion, it means that all countries will be represented on Twitter at the 2014 World Cup, just not all the players. Footballers get the boot from Facebook and Twitter for World Cup 2014.

  • How many of us remember the story of the two boys from Tranquility High School, Naiym Antoine and Jahheim Daniel, who came to the aid of a visually impaired elderly gentleman. This image was originally posted on June 18th 2015 on the Facebook Page of Faud Abu Bakr who was the driver of the vehicle that stopped to let the two boys help the gentleman cross the road. The post came at a time when there was more negative press about Trinidad and Tobago than positive and off course, it went viral. 

    The two boys were hailed as heroes in their own right and being labelled as exemplars not only to other students but to the society at large. They were presented with medals a few days after the good deed in front of their school assembly from an alumni of the school, Mr. Richard Boothman. They made news for all the right reasons and their photos were on the front page of the popular newspapers.

    It's now about 8 months since the incident happened and their good deeds are still being rewarded. Yesterday (March 1st, 2016) another video surfaced this time coming from Mr. David Leader, a Trinidadian living in New York, who is a pilot by profession, former police office and the owner of Eagle Wings Aviation Mission. Mr. Leader read about the good deed and also found out that one of the boys, Naiym Antoine, was interested in becoming a pilot. He believes that one good turn deserves another and you can hear more about it in the video below originally posted on Mr. Leaders Facebook Page.



    Posted by David Leader on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    This is one of the few stories about the youths of Trinidad and Tobago that have gone viral with a positive outcome. The digital footprint of Naiym Antoine and Jahheim Daniel has been given a huge positive boost. Let's hope they continue in this image and also hope that others can follow suit.

  • The posted below comes from Fuzion Marketing and PR. A design firm out of Ireland who felt so strongly about the topic of CyberBullying and Facebook that they created the posted below. It's gone viral since it was published in 2013 and is being used by many sites as the message could not be more precise. 

    The original website for this content is Fuzion Marketing. You can click here to download a high-res PDF of the same posted.